2024 MUSE Design Awards 《清闊凝柔》 Gold Winner

As entering the glass door, an intangible breathtaking atmosphere pervaded by gray and silver stone makes people spontaneously hold their breath and tread softly. The sightlines extend to the high ceiling, and the titanium-plated cornice casts a soft luster, like a gentle trickle flowing through the heart. The stacking curve lines and circular pendant lights bring an amusing and homey vibe via warm yellow lighting.

According to the demands of the construction company and target customers, we implemented a concept of an art gallery to reveal a modern and exquisite style to bring a mesmerizing first impression to potential buyers and visitors, successfully improving the case consultation rate. We decorated the counter front assisting a mirrored grid pattern with the same stone as the surrounding wall, agreeably fashioning a coherent and lightweight effect, also presenting an elegant artistic merit. Moreover, we mount a one-piece curvy bronze paneling on the wall behind the bar and extend to the ceiling, harmonizing with the balmy wood texture to continue the base tone of the lobby and manifest a grand and clean urban manner in the multifunctional room. Besides, pondering that the project serves as a community facility, we thoroughly exploit fire-resistant building materials to create a safe recreational space for the users.

We exploit tons of light-toned stones and adopt a collage approach to shape a sleek curved facade, seamlessly revealing a spacious and spectacular ambiance. Then, boldly finish the wall behind the bar in the multifunctional room with a large bronze panel. Meanwhile, introduce multiplex methods like modeling and polishing to show off solid, refined craftsmanship. The aesthetic interior design could make potential buyers experience the construction company’s dedication and may increase the intention to purchase and upgrade the corporate image.