2024 MUSE Design Awards 《靜清和》 Gold Winner

As soft daylight pours through immaculate white drapes, it bathes the space in a palette of muted grays, imbuing it with a serene and natural Zen essence. Everywhere the eye lands, the unadorned and warm textures of the natural wood quietly settle the mind and body, transporting one to a state of serene detachment from the clamor of the world. In this very moment, all that is required is to embrace the stillness, savor a cup of fine tea, and immerse oneself in pure and blissful contentment.

This project entails designing a retirement home for the proprietor's parents, guided by the core philosophy: design is about fulfilling our clients' dreams. We meticulously plan an open-concept shared area that fosters emotional connections, providing a spacious and inviting setting for the residents to enjoy quality family time and casual conversation with visiting friends. Furthermore, considering the advanced age of the dweller, we thoughtfully widen the corridors to different areas, ensuring easy accessibility and creating a safe and barrier-free environment that facilitates smooth flow throughout the space.

Considering the convenience of storage for home appliances and household goods, various storage cabinets are strategically incorporated into the communal spaces. We carefully organize the layout of the master bedroom and reconfigure a walk-in closet with generous wardrobe space adjacent to the balcony, which provides ample storage for clothing. Additionally, the TV wall in the bedroom features a sliding roller track system, enabling residents to place living sundries on top of the chest of drawers while freely adjusting the screen position horizontally, ensuring an optimal viewing experience.

Embracing a tranquil Zen ambiance, the design concept revolves around a harmonious combination of gray-tinge and low-height soft furnishings. The addition of earth-tone colors and wooden elements gently brings about a warmhearted circumstance. Notably, the living room features the elegant and grand Provence marble on the TV wall, complemented by sleek iron accents scattered throughout the shared areas. The careful blend of materials creates a contemporary and eclectic atmosphere that strikes a balance between elegance and modernity, resulting in a unique and distinctive home aesthetic.