2023 Novum Design Award 《曦光淳居》 Bronze Winner

Soft rays of sunlight delicately stream through the gaps of tender leaves, guiding the lush greenery from outside to flow gracefully indoors, resulting in an open and inviting situation. As one takes in the surroundings, the house performs a tranquil and peaceful ambiance via elegant shades of gray-white color palette, harmonizing with the chirping of insects and melodious calls of birds in the nearby forest.

Adhering to the core belief of our brand: tailoring the perfect abode for each client, we exploit a light color palette harmoniously complemented by mild earthy tones, crafting a tranquil and laid-back vacation retreat. With the homeowners' desire to warmly welcome friends and family, we cleverly replace the conventional TV wall with pristine white display shelves in the living room, restoring the essence of genuine human interaction and fostering deep connections and bonds between residents and visitors. Additionally, considering the possibility of visitors staying over, we meticulously adorn the tatami room with soft futon mattresses, laying out a refined and contemplative picture reminiscent of a Japanese inn.